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More BBC Basic posts!
The @bbcmicrobot bot is really very cool. There's something invigorating about trying to golf your effects down to Twitter's 280 char limit.
      0MO.1:C.0:GC.0,0:C.130:CLS:T=200:F=40:M=&99:A=FNC(T,T,0,0)+FNC(T+F+4,T-F,2,0)+FNC(0,40,2,0):M=&91:_=FNC(0,T,0,50)+FNC(T+F+4,T-F,2,5):P. TAB(13,27)"WASH YOUR HANDS":C.2
New website!
I made a new website. It is powered by React. Amazeballs.
      1 X=640:Y=512:R=80:MODE 2:GCOL 0,6:VDU 19,0,4;0;
      2 MOVE X,Y:PLOT &99,0,R
      3 FOR I=1 TO 30 STEP 3
      4 V=FN1(X-R-R-I,Y,X+300,Y+400)+FN1(X-R-R-I,Y,X-300,Y+400)+FN1(X-540,Y,X,Y+R*1.5+I)
      7 NEXT
      8 VDU 23,1,0;0;0;0;:GOTO 8
      9 DEF FN1(A,B,C,D):MOVE X,Y:MOVE A,B:PLOT &C5,C,D:=1